Ciruzzo DiLauro

Wealthy Rocatan Merchant


Ciruzzo is your employer; he is a middle-aged merchant who has accumulated a healthy fortune by exploiting the illegality of magical practice in the restrictive society of Rocata. Many of the youths trapped in the poor castes there learn the Arts in secret to help support themselves, or to do trade in the black market. Ciruzzo buys powerful magical items from these craftsmen at low prices, then sells them in magic-legal countries at discounts to local, sometimes guild-controlled prices.

Ciruzzo pays his transporters handsomely, and keeps them happy to keep them quiet. The jobs he needs done are often varied, as he dabbles in other markets of varying legality, and so he ensures that those he hires are able and intrepid so that he can call on them for all manner of work. If you leave even a slight reputation behind you as you adventure, Ciruzzo can call on you when he has work, or you can seek him out when you need a bit of cash or a favor.

Ciruzzo DiLauro

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